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The milestone meant that the former ‘Mission and Choice’ was a weak symbol of domestically-produced games compared to ‘Fantasy Battle’. Now, ‘Mission and Choice’ was a symbol of the rapid rise of domestically-produced games when compared to Fantasy Battle Remake!

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This was an important milestone for the development of domestic games.

On the other hand, the production model referred to the game’s creation model, which had begun to shake off the unstable creation model of small workshops and relied on the creator’s inspiration. It was gradually moving towards the heavy industrialization creation model of various departments’ professional distributors and steadily producing high-quality works.

The moment these two points were mentioned, the entire video became much more interesting!

That was because this video was not analyzing the game ‘Mission and Choice’. Instead, it had jumped out of the limitation of one’s thinking and reached the height of the entire domestic games industry.

It was just like the fifteenth year of the calendar. It looked like an ordinary year, but historians saw signs of the dynasty’s rise and fall through the events of that year. That year would be recorded in history as a key node. Every detail would be studied repeatedly as an entry point!

The more Pei Qian looked at it, the colder his heart became.

This Teacher Qiao wants me to die!

It seemed like he wanted to set up a monument for him from the way he was boasting?

There would be a few words engraved on it: The eternal savior of domestically-produced games, Boss Pei?

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Stop messing around!

If this monument was really erected, would he still be able to incur losses in games in the future? Wouldn’t domestic players have to buy and sell like crazy then?

“Handsome and wise gamers, please don’t listen to his nonsense!” Pei Qian prayed inwardly.

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However, after flipping through the comments and bullet screen comments, his heart turned even colder.

“That makes so much sense! There’s actually something called industrializing movies and games!”

“Actually, I had this vague feeling before. I felt that this game was different from Tengda’s previous games, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. After watching this video, I understood. That’s what I wanted to say!”

“From the looks of it, the release of Mission and Choice is really something with great historical significance! Perhaps, when my grandson asks about it in the future, I can proudly say that the original ‘Mission and Choice’ symbolizes the dark era of domestically-produced games, and the remake of ‘Mission and Choice’ symbolizes the glorious era of domestically-produced games!”

“Let’s not talk about it anymore. We have to buy a game with such a significant sentimental value!”

“I’ll recommend it to my friends!”