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“An MC in the latter part of a rom-com novel.”

“HA! There’s no way for a person like me to provide that sort of entertainment! I’ll say this ahead. No matter how you look at my life, my relationships are still a mess!”

“You really did say that ahead. That’s the most tragic retort I’ve ever heard in my life.”

“Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that there’s no way for me to get used to kisses.”

“Actually, can I ask you how much EXP you have?”

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“Ah, aside from the school trip kiss when Tendou-san broke up with me, this is the only one- no, why do I have to tell you!?”

“Uwah, I asked again. There’s a limit to passiveness, you disgusting virgin…”

“Can you not show that explicitly despising gal attitude!? The way you’re looking at me really hurts!”

“By the way, what happened? Amanocchi only had the experience of getting his lips taken away by girls twice. Yet, you’re already acting like a harem MC now? Disgusting. …I bet you’re the type to say ‘I’ll have the usual’ at a restaurant you visited twice only.”

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“Why am I on the receiving end of such unreasonable complaints!? I’ve already said this many times before! I wasn’t even chilling like an adult when Chiaki kissed me, okay!?”

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“Well, what were you thinking then when Hoshinocchi kissed you?”

“My heart wouldn’t stop pounding, of course-“

Just as I’m about to retort, I saw Aguri-san’s mischievous smile. …I finally realized that this is a trap. I cleared my throat and drank my coffee.