Online part-time, the most profitable computer

Online part-time, the most profitable computer

“However, in my own company, the development plan that I formulated is always delayed, even postponed many times. The game that was made did not meet my own expectations.

“Every department always had a variety of reasons to shirk responsibilities. It seems that everyone has completed their tasks, but after careful observation, no one seemed to be pushing the entire project.

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“Everyone delays a little bit. With a little time, the development progress of the project will completely collapse...”

Pei Qian listened intently, with a fascinating expression on his face.

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How... how admirable!

See, the employees of other companies need not have their boss say anything for them to be lazy!

What about Tengda’s staff then? Their boss was desperately encouraging them to take breaks, but everyone was trying desperately to work overtime!

Pei Qian did not learn any practical methods from this precious failure experience other than envy.

According to Qiu Hong, failure in project management would become a state of disunity. It was impossible to carry it out if no one would cooperate. However, that was where Pei Qian had his doubts.

I have never done any project management, right?

Why did my staff not fall into a state of disunity but become an iron plate instead?

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Needles could not penetrate, water could not seep through. He could not find a breakthrough even if he wanted!

Pei Qian was very interested in the things that Qiu Hong was talking about, but he still did not know what to do.

According to Qiu Hong, his failure was in not doing enough, not making good use of project management to motivate employees. In other words, not effectively supervising lazy employees. However, while Qiu Hong did not do enough, Pei Qian did not do anything at all!

Not only did I not supervise the employees, but I even did the opposite to drive these overtime dogs home! It stands to reason that I over fulfilled the task, so why did it have the opposite effect?

Are my employees the problem, or am I the problem?