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"What do you mean by that? Things were just getting good. Well fine, I'll have Kanji and Haruki listen up well".

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No, more importantly I'd like you to leave my room though.....but rather than hear out that request, I had to leave the three of them behind in my room as I left.

Before 10 o'clock on the promised morning with Kushida. The person in question had already arrived in the lobby.

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"Good morning, Ayanokouji-kun".

"G-Good morning, Kushida".

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Summer is already over so it'll only be for a while longer that I'll be able to see Kushida in her summer clothes. I met up with Kushida while feeling flustered about her plain clothes.

"Sorry about suddenly making a weird request like that yesterday".

"No such thing. I didn't have anything planned for today either. Besides, I'm happy because it feels a little nostalgic".


"You know, during the exam in the 1st semester, Ayanokouji-kun went and asked a senior student for the past exam questions right? Somehow I felt this is similar to that".


"Yep, yep".

I didn't think it was anything special but since Kushida happily nodded I decided to leave it be. Honestly I feel more comfortable taking along Karuizawa or Sakura for a walk but one should go to specialists for the best results.

I've ascertained that requesting this of Kushida is best considering she's the right person for the job. And, more importantly, is Horikita. It's almost 10 o'clock yet she hasn't shown up.

Could it be that she's running away from having to meet Kushida? Just as I had begun thinking that, she arrived.

"...I've kept you waiting".

"Good morning, Horikita-san".

Kushida welcomes Horikita with an unfaltering smile.