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“However, at the same time, as your opponent…and your friend, this is what I think too.”

Karen-san paused for a moment and looked at me determinedly.

“Ah, that Chiaki Hoshinomori girl is really handsome…”

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I can’t help but burst into tears after hearing that.

…I didn’t expect to hear that from the dear friend who I’ve hurt the most.

Just as I’m about to hug Karen-san with tears due to relief and happiness-

“But, I also really want to stab you to death right now.”

“I’m really sorry.”

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-I immediately turned my hug into a kneel-down.

Karen-san looked at me and took a deep sigh.

“Ha, …isn’t this an obvious joke? I’m not going to do anything to you.”

“But, there’s no reason for me to be forgiven!”

“You do. It’s because you- didn’t regret it. It must be because your bond with Amano-kun is much tighter than I expected.”

She’s right. I felt sorry for the two for a time.

I looked at Karen-san with watery eyes.