Is it true when adding WeChat online?

Is it true when adding WeChat online?

It was worse than Phantom Sparring.

Because it seems in a dream world he can actually attack me.

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To the perforated…… No, all the flesh is already shredded and broken down into dust.

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No, really, it’s a dream world, but it’s a ridiculous experience.

I don’t know if it hurts anymore, I mean, to receive such a black-hearted attack.

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In the first place, is this what he’s going to teach me, such a ridiculous technique?

Is it a good technique for such a person?

Or, before that…

“No ‘Devil Spiral’, it’s already a decent name! ……Tha… That?”


That? …… Classroom……?

The instructor seems angry at the people in the class who looked back in shock.

『The effect of the magic seems to have expired…』

Tre’ainar muttered to me as I did not understand the situation.

“Eh… Devil Spiral. You’ve been slacking lately, haven’t you?”

“… Um, no…”

“Apparently you’re making your own special moves in your dreams…… hmm!”

On that day, I was called the Devil Spiral.