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Over the course of the next two to three moves, it felt as though the match had deviated from my path.

And then─ before I knew it, I found that I had been cornered.

I had been lured into walking down her own path without even realizing it.

Throughout the merciless back and forth of advantages, the time came for me to fall into silence once again.

Now, with less than a minute and a half to go on my own timer, I found myself facing my biggest hurdle yet.

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As the one moving the pieces, Horikita must’ve sensed this as well.

Class A’s defeat. Class C’s victory. For her, these dreams must’ve seemed as though they were within her grasp only a few moments ago.

And now, Horikita probably felt as though these dreams had slipped through her fingers. I had less than one minute left.

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Without looking up at the camera, Horikita spoke my name.

[I don’t want to lose.]

And then, she gave voice to her feelings.

She gave voice to the words she needed to say.

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[I… I don’t want to admit defeat… I want to win…]

It was a cry from the bottom of her heart.