How can I put it online?

How can I put it online?

Hao Qiong answered, “Above ten thousand yuan.”

Wu Bin, “…Brother, can you be more specific? Make me give up once and for all. What do you mean by above ten thousand yuan?” Hao Qiong, “…Double of ten thousand yuan?” Wu Bin’s expression darkened. He felt like his intelligence had just been gravely insulted. “…Brother, do you take me for a fool?

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“Your game probably only makes four to five million yuan each month. If you get twenty thousand yuan as bonus, it would mean that one million yuan out of the revenue earned from this project would be distributed as bonuses, right?”

Hao Qiong nodded, “That’s right.” This sounded ridiculous to Wu Bin. “You’re saying that a fifth of the game’s revenue goes to distributing bonuses?”

Hao Qiong shook his head. “That’s not how you calculate it. Bonuses aren’t distributed based on profits but on reputation.

“Our game has an A-grade reputation now. That means that every month for six months, a tenth of the total sum invested in the game would be distributed as bonuses. Research, development, and marketing of this game cost a total of ten million yuan. That’s why a tenth of that sum is distributed as bonuses each month.”

Wu Bin thought that he had misheard Hao Qiong. “What if your game incurs losses?”

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Hao Qiong was bewildered. “Why are you even dafter than I am? I already said that our bonuses are distributed based on reputation. We get bonuses even if the game incurs losses.”

Wu Bin remained silent for a long time. Finally, he said sorrowfully, “Ai, all of you who work on games earn a lot of money. I really envy you.”

Hao Qiong shook his head. “No, that’s not true. In my company, whether you work in human resources, administration, or finance… you would earn a lot. My salary is considered… average in my company.”

Wu Bin was speechless.

“Brother, is your company hiring? If I want to apply for a job, where should I submit my resume?”