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(It’s been like that ever since they were students… shouldn’t they get along well?)

After that, the battle between Thousand Blade Academy and Ice King Academy continued – as a result, we settled on a draw of 10-10.

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Though, Leia-sensei and Ferris-san were hoping for another match to decide the final victor…

「We’re at the long-awaited summer camp, so why don’t we finish this at the『Sword King Festival』after summer vacation?」

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The president successfully saved summer camp by guiding their thoughts to the『next battle』.

After successfully completing the first day of the joint camp, we returned to our respective lodgings.

After that, we all had dinner together, and chatted – we had a very good time.

「Fuu… that was fun.」

After parting with everyone and returning to my room, I looked at the wall clock while stretching my body greatly.

「It’s already 10pm… Shall I turn in for the day?」

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If I stay up too late, it will have an effect on tomorrow.

After preparing for bed, the moment I was about to turn off the lights,

There was a knock on my door.