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When we get to this point, we’d like to break through the upper barrier and push forward.

How far are you going? Forever!

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[S1] While I endeavor to be faithful to the setting over any Japanese influence, I decided to keep this one as is. [Osu] seems to have garnered some mainstream usage especially in MMA and I feel it will really showcase the Student/Master relationship between the characters. But if they are any alternative suggestions do let me know.

After sending Lin Wan off, Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

Heh, little lass, I settled you, didn’t I?

Pei Qian knew Lin Wan’s weakness: she was overly concerned with growing and working on her own abilities through rigorous training. As long as he could make her feel that this task would train her and help her mature, she would agree to it. This would be so even if Pei Qian did not pay her.

All in all, sending Lin Wan to Shang Yang Games would ensure that she would be tormented.

What’s more, Pei Qian had already given her sufficient hints.

Pei Qian was worried that Lin Wan would feel like they lacked money midway through. What would Pei Qian do if she approached her older brother for money? Thus, Pei Qian purposely hinted this would be a huge test of Lin Wan’s skills. He said this would nurture her ability to independently take charge of a project.