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The authors who were not as good should attend this study class as well to spur them on for them to improve.

In short, it seemed like almost all the authors on Zhongdian Chinese Network should come to this study class...

It was a tough call. Ma Yiqun spent a lot of effort in selecting the second batch of authors. He spent some time to appease the contestants who did not make it to this batch and placed them into the name list for the third batch.

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However, some authors who had participated in the first batch continued to participate in the second batch.

Ma Yiqun hoped to achieve a kind of ‘the experienced teach the new’ effect. One-on-one tutoring would enable them to understand the Tengda spirit more quickly and master the learning rhythm of the class.

Therefore, many members of the first batch —including Cui Geng-were not present. They could only find out about Cui Geng’s real-time status through the chat group. “Ming Yuju, what was the situation like when Brother Cui was in the class? How did he improve so fast? You saw everything; can you explain a little?” an author asked curiously.

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The rest of the authors looked at Ming Yu as well.

“Yes, Ming Yuju, tell us, what exactly happened?”

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“I heard that Brother Cui even obtained an ‘observer’ position? He went to Tengda to do research?”

Most questions were asked by new authors.

These new authors did not participate in the previous class so they only knew that Cui Geng had obtained some insights during class, and his ‘grades’ had taken a huge leap However, they were unclear about how exactly he achieved that.

It was a great opportunity for someone who knew about it.

Ming Yu put down his chopsticks and replied after a moment of silence, “This is a long story. The most important factor should be Boss Pei’s visit that day...”

He summarized the story and iterated the entire situation.

In the beginning, everyone was in the little black room, writing profusely, comparing who could write more. The volume of updates increased, but they did not make any qualitative leaps.