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“Well, sorry to make everyone wait. Then, please everyone, embark on this Gorgeous Love Journey, abbreviated as GLJ! Be safe!”

“Gorgeous Love Journey!”

All of us turned stiff as we yelled at the same time and saluted at the staff girl! Perhaps it’s because we’re getting nervous over our relationships, and we were suddenly brought to a gloomy room like this and hear this unique world setting. Everyone’s spacing out at this point.

It’s hard for the staff girl to not freak out with us, so she let out a cough. At the same time, we snapped out like we were hypnotized a moment ago. We stopped saluting, then-

“Ah, then should we pick our headphones now?”

-After we heard Amano’s suggestion…

To quickly act decisively in this critical situation, Tendou and I were secretly prepared for this.

Konoha Hoshinomori

“I-I feel like something’s not right!”

Once we’re picking the headphones, something is sending chills down my spine.

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I hastily looked around. In this dark room, Amano-senpai and that Aguri gal are picking up the headphone first. Then, behind them, …Trashara and Tendou-san are staring at them sharply.

“Although I’m not sure what’s going on, …my hentai game instinct is warning me of this situation! This is the part where you have to pick the route of the plot!”

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Amano-senpai seems to be grabbing a headphone at any time. There’s no time to ask for suggestions from my sister, who’s freaking out behind me. Anyway, I’ll need to act fast as well!

Amano-senpai reached for the blue headphone.

“Uh, then I’m choosing this one…”