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West side – The audience seating on the Thousand Blade Academy side was filled with an overflowing crowd.

Everyone from Class A, other class members, and seniors from second and third year rushed to this place.

(That’s right… it’s different now)

It’s not the same as when I had a duel with Dodriel at the Gran Swordsmanship Academy.

At that time everyone was hoping for my defeat.

(But now… it’s different!)

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Everyone is cheering me on.

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Everyone is supporting me.

Everyone wishes for my victory.

(I am no longer… alone!)

The painful, difficult and lonely battle was over.

From now on, I will wield my sword for everyone, with everyone.

(…I will definitely win)

I was quietly waiting for the appearance of the other party, while hiding my burning fighting spirit.

「Continuing, from the East Gate – Center of Ice King Academy, Cain-Material!」

At that moment, on the east side – powerful cheering was sent from the audience seat of the Ice King Academy’s side.

「Kyaaー! Cain-sama! Look over here!」