Make more platform on the Internet

Make more platform on the Internet

In any case, after much consideration, Pei Qian decided on the former. The latter would only back-stab him like crazy. The former would be extremely good at learning and taking examinations but might not be good at working. It seemed like a much safer option.

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At that thought, Pei Qian wrote a comment on the top of the paper: ‘Increase the difficulty of the basic skills test-maximize it!’

After that, Pei Qian decided it was finally time to think about questions for the Tengda Spirit compatibility test.

To be frank, this test was meant to uncover applicants’ tendency to slack, thus filtering out the hardworking ones.

Of course, Pei Qian had to maintain a level of confusion around this test. The right answer must be kept a secret at all times.

Once the website was ready, the interns who wanted to be converted to full-time employees would be allowed to sit for the test at an allocated time on an allocated computer. They would submit their tests once they were done, and the website would mark them automatically.

Pei Qian would be the only one who would be able to see the scores. He would only notify the interns whether they made it or not and not how much they scored.

At the same time, the company would prohibit any discussion about the questions.

There was no way to prevent people from discussing in private, but there was no way that the applicants would be able to remember all the questions in the test. Even if they ended up discussing some questions, they probably would not be able to guess what the right answers were.

Pei Qian would also edit and replace the questions from time to time, in order to maintain the test’s accuracy.

Boss Pei’s questions were all going to be extremely confusing.

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This was one example.

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Question: It’s time to get off work. You have an incomplete assignment on your hands. You should: