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"What are you plotting here again?" cried the irritated voice ofthe master. "And you, Mme. Favoral, why don't you go to bed?"The poor slave obeyed, without saying a word. And, whilst makingher way to her room:

"There is trouble ahead," thought Mlle. Gilberte. "But bash! If Ido have to suffer some, it won't be great harm, after all. SurelyMarius does not complain, though he gives up for me his dearesthopes, becomes the salaried employe of M. Marcolet, and thinks ofnothing but making money, - he so proud and so disinterested!

Mlle. Gilberte's anticipations were but too soon realized. When M.

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Favoral made his appearance the next morning, he had the sombre browand contracted lips of a man who has spent the night ruminating aplan from which he does not mean to swerve.

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Instead of going to his office, as usual, without saying a word toany one, he called his wife and children to the parlor; and, afterhaving carefully bolted all the doors, he turned to Maxence.

"I want you," he commenced, "to give me a list of your creditors.

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See that you forget none; and let it be ready as soon as possible."But Maxence was no longer the same man. After the terrible andwell-deserved reproaches of his sister, a salutary revolution hadtaken place in him. During the preceding night, he had reflectedover his conduct for the past four years; and he had been dismayedand terrified. His impression was like that of the drunkard, who,having become sober, remembers the ridiculous or degrading actswhich he has committed 'under the influence of alcohol, and, confusedand humiliated, swears never more to drink.

Thus Maxence had sworn to himself to change his mode of life,promising that it would be no drunkard's oath, either. And hisattitude and his looks showed the pride of great resolutions.

Instead of lowering his eyes before the irritated glance of M.

Favoral, and stammering excuses and vague promises:

"It is useless, father," he replied, "to give you the list you askfor. I am old enough to bear the responsibility of my acts. Ishall repair my follies: what I owe, I shall pay. This very day Ishall see my creditors, and make arrangements with them.

"Very well, Maxence," exclaimed Mlle. Favoral, delighted.

But there was no pacifying the cashier of the Mutual Credit.

"Those are fine-sounding words," he said with a sneer; "but I doubtif the tailors and the shirt-makers will take them in payment.

That's why I want that list.""Still - ""It's I who shall pay. I do not mean to have another such sceneas that of yesterday in my office. It must not be said that myson is a sharper and a cheat at the very moment when I find for mydaughter a most unhoped-for match."And, turning to Mlle. Gilberte:

"For I suppose you have got over your foolish ideas," he uttered.

The young girl shook her head.

"My ideas are the same as they were last night.""Ah, ah!""And so, father, I beg of you, do not insist. Why wrangle andquarrel? You must know me well enough to know, that, whatever mayhappen, I shall never yield."Indeed, M. Favoral was well aware of his daughter's firmness; forhe had already been compelled on several occasions, as he expressedit himself, "to strike his flag" before her. But he could notbelieve that she would resist when he took certain means ofenforcing his will.