It's true to share news online.

It's true to share news online.

“Hah… You came all this way to negotiate, and yet you’re satisfied with just getting some information?”

Katsuragi let out a slight chuckle, seeming to have found Keisei’s panicked reaction amusing.

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“It’s not like that, it’s just…”

“Don’t go thinking you can win against Sakayanagi just because I’ve given you a little information. It would probably be wise for you to think that you’d just barely be able to put up a fight if I throw my matches. However, the only event I’d be able to help you guys with is Flash Mental Arithmetic, or, if it somehow manages to get chosen, Long Rope Jumping.”

After listening to Katsuragi speak, I decided to ask him a single question.

“Will you even be allowed to participate with Sakayanagi being so wary of you? It’s true that, if Long Rope Jumping gets chosen as an event, you might have to participate more than once. But, given that only one or two people can influence the outcome of the Flash Mental Arithmetic event, what makes you think she’d choose you for it?”

“That’s because the only students in Class A who specialize in Flash Mental Arithmetic are me and one other student named Tamiya. Furthermore, Tamiya isn’t all that skilled at it either. With that being the case, leaving me out of the event would just hurt our chances of winning.”

After all, Sakayanagi probably thinks that she’s dulled my fangs by having Yahiko expelled. In order to turn me into one of her pawns, she’ll get me to participate in an event.”

The idea of using Katsuragi, a force that had defied her, as a mere pawn was probably somewhat appealing to Sakayanagi.

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Afterward, Katsuragi shared his plan to help us. If he were to be chosen for Flash Mental Arithmetic, he would deliberately get an answer wrong and, in the case of Long Rope Jumping, he would get caught on the rope early on in the event.

“That being said, I’d like to avoid having Sakayanagi realize that I’m throwing the events as much as possible. For Long Rope Jumping, I can make it look like I mess up by accident, but for Flash Mental Arithmetic, I won’t be able to make mistakes on the easier questions.”

It would look like we were competing on equal footing, but our class would win by a slim margin.

“Though, remember this. Even if Flash Mental Arithmetic gets chosen on exam day, if Sakayanagi doesn’t decide to have me compete, you’ll just have to cut your losses and give up on our plan.”

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Either way, we had been provided with some unprecedented information, so we had no reason to be dissatisfied.

After Katsuragi left, Keisei began talking with excitement filling his voice.

“Let’s tell Horikita about this, as soon as possible.”

“No… We shouldn’t tell her we contacted Katsuragi yet.”

“W-why not?”