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During the day, I honed my swordsmanship at Thousand Blade Academy. And after classes, I engaged in the activities of the practice-swing club.

The size of the practice-swing club has also increased recently, and the number of members has finally exceeded one hundred.

It seems that this number is second only to the swordsmanship club.

If everyone likes practice-swings this much, I’m sure we will be able to hold a『blue sky practice-swing classroom』at next year’s Thousand Blade Festival.

On my occasional days off, I went to the Orest branch Holy Knights Association and participated in the training.

Clown-san said, “You don’t have to force yourself to participate at all. There’s nothing I can teach you,” but…

I’m still a special trainee of the Senior Holy Knight.

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So, I should participate in the training whenever possible.

As I lived such busy and fulfilling days, time went by in the blink of an eye.

And finally the 25th of December, Christmas, has come.

(Fuh… It’s finally here.)

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After the class, I and Ria went back to the dorm to leave our bags.

The time was 5pm.

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An hour before the start of the Christmas party.

「Hmm hmm」

From the room at the back, I heard Ria humming in a good mood.