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The goblin spoke!

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Goblins are intelligent, have villages, tribes, and cultures, and understand human language.

However, even if they understood the language, I have read in the picture book that they do not speak human words….

“What, ho, how…”

“I listened. I heard the story of these children. They were caught suddenly in the woods even when they had done nothing. So they say. I felt sorry for them. Please help.”

“Wh, wha… Whaaaaat!?”

The goblin who uttered human words spoke of the feelings of monsters on their behalf.

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“They have family. They say. They say they want to go home. They say they don’t want to fight.”

“…… Ka~…… Are you serious?”

Such a goblin…. at Yasashi’s words, Bro held his head down and made a complicated expression.

“I thought monsters were the same as animals… there are dogfights, bullfights, cockfights in the surface world, and if it’s so…Oh, dear…”

Because animals and monsters don’t speak human language, it may be that my heart didn’t hurt too much.

Even human beings can eat cows and pigs without a thought because they don’t say a word.

But if you hear their words like this…

“Ha, hahahaha, this is good, good! A goblin that speaks human language. I didn’t know you were such a rarity! It will likely make money at the freak show or an auction, that it will!”

However, it seems that such a goblin’s heart-wrenching words did not reach Chitsue.

Somehow, when it came this far, it’s kind of hard to believe that he is a guy who doesn’t even blink.