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“What’s more, it was just a luncheon.

“Can you imagine being a guest in Parfit’s house? Also, what if you could stay in his house for the long-term?

“If we remain here, it would be akin to living in Boss Pei’s house for the long term. We would also be able to bump into Boss Pei frequently. Do you think paying ten thousand yuan per month is worth it?!”

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Finally, everyone understood.

So that was it!

Who in the world wasn’t curious about what Parfit’s house looked like?

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Yet, was there any use? Could anyone be a guest in his house? That aside, even looking for actual information about him online would be very difficult!

Who didn’t want to understand how Parfit invested?

Everyone was curious about his lifestyle, taste, hobbies, and so on!

However, Parfit was overseas and too far away. There was nothing that any of them could do. Nevertheless, there was a younger version of a god of investing right there—in Jingzhou!

At a young age, Boss Pei was already so outstanding. If he could live to ninety, maybe he would achieve the same glory as Parfit! What a valuable opportunity it was to be a neighbor of Boss Pei and to live in the same type of house as him!

On further thought, was it important how exactly they lived?

Who, among those who had lunch with Parfit, really cared about how delicious the steak was?