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Can I make money on all kinds of legendary games?

Now, in a way, this person is closer to me than to my family. He’s sometimes a reliable partner, sometimes a spoiled friend whom you can tag along and do bad things together. I will undoubtedly treasure this person forever.

And, this person is – Yama-san.


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“Sis, listen to me. I’m sorry to interrupt your depressed desk-slapping session, but your writhing technique doesn’t look cute at all.”

I immediately raised my head when I heard my sister, Konoha, said that. Then, I realized the window blinds of my living room is already closed without me looking. The room was filled with the LED lamp’s warm lights.

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Although I feel like someone pranked me hard, I still asked my little sister dazedly.

“Um…I was playing that game of life with Uehara-kun and his friends since the afternoon…”

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“Yeah, you did that. Five normies occupied the living room. I feel like this doesn’t fit your style at all, so I just hid. Man, I can use the holiday for rushing my progress…”

“Hmm? What progress?”

“The progress for my hentai- I-I mean the progress of my studying, sis.”

“Wow, Konoha, you’re still a model student. I can never catch up to you.”

“I-It’s alright. A-As the president of the student council, this is my responsibility. Yep.”

Hoshinomori Konoha, the beauty who wore flimsy clothing and glanced at me uncertainly while sitting on the leather sofa. She is my outstanding sister.

Konoha seems to have just taken a bath, she wiped her hair gently with the sports towel hanging on her neck while pouring the wheat tea in the glass down her throat. The room is filled with the clear sound of ice cubes clanging into each other.