Taiyuan online hand-made money

Taiyuan online hand-made money

She then started distributing the cards while humming.

(…『This time』it’s a normal deck)

This time when nothing was being bet, she did not use『gimmick card』, but a regular card deck.

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For about an hour after that, we just continued playing millionaire.

Personally, I wanted to play another game already…

「Wow, the Millionaire 12 times in a row…!?」

「A-Allen-kun… You, are a bit too good…」

「O-Once more! One more time, Allen!」

The president, Lilim-senpai, and Ria – all three of them hated losing quite a bit, so they didn’t want to stop playing.

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As expected, playing millionaire for a whole hour, was a little boring.

(Let’s just lose this time…)

As I was thinking of that,

「Allen-kun! Onee-chan promises not to get angry, so be honest and confess! You’re doing some cheating again, right!?」

The president, who lost her mood after successive defeats, made such a claim.

But this time I didn’t cheat – this was a completely false accusation.

「No, I wouldn’t cheat while playing an honest game. -I’m not the president after all.」