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He had tried out the basic functions of the OTTO OS system on the way here. There were no big problems. The contents that he wanted to show this time were mainly the following areas:

The style of the interface, such as system fonts, themes, etc. It was mainly to show off the beauty of the system.

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Detailed optimization such as the design of the minus-one screen and the optimization effect of some system functions.

Special functions such as some small programs that came with it like the data transfer requested by Boss Pei.

It was the first version, but it could not be said to be made from scratch.

First of all, this system was customized based on the native Android System. Secondly, Chang You’s team had experience in system development. Therefore, Chang You was filled with confidence in this system.

There would not be many bugs.

The development of a system was a relatively long-term process because customers’ desires would never be satisfied.

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There would definitely be a lot of bugs in the system every time it was updated. However, the system this time was modified from the previous system. They did things they were more familiar with so there were not many bugs. It had good stability as well. Chang You came to the door of Pei Qian’s office and knocked gently. “Boss Pei, this is the first version of the OTTO OS. Come and try it out. You can let us know if there is any dissatisfaction. We’ll correct it as soon as possible.”

Chang You passed the cell phone to Pei Qian.

Pei Qian stretched his hand out to take it. He could not help but sigh inwardly as he looked at Chang You’s confident expression.

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Sigh, Vice President Chang, you’re still too confident. It was likely you would not encounter many bugs when you tested it at Otto Technologies.

Here, however…

A minute of silence for Vice President Chang.

Pei Qian began testing the basic functions of the OTTO OS.

His first impression of this system was that it was very similar to that of many domestic cell phones. There might be some changes in style, but there was not much difference in the overall user experience.

Many areas of this cell phone were still lacking compared to those with more complete systems like Shenhua’s cell phones.

However… it was usable.