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Every investor has his own unique skills. If Chen Kangtuo were to take care of everything

– plan for them or choose the sites for them, then no one would use their brains and their unique skills would be wasted.

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Boss Pei’s move was definitely aimed to fully mobilize the subjective initiative of these investors so everyone could do their most.

All these were explained based on the Tengda spirit.

Chen Kangtuo felt that the truth should be not far off from his speculation. However... he could not say it out since Boss Pei requested it this way. Chen Kangtuo was caught in the middle.

Li Shi was a little discouraged seeing how Chen Kangtuo’s expression changed slightly but still stayed silent. It seemed to make sense, but he could not do anything. He did not know how Boss Pei treated his subordinates. They were all extremely loyal and strictly abided by their orders.

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He really had something to him.

The situation seemed to have reached a deadlock. Should they all go home and come back another day?

No! That definitely could not work!

Li Shi had no other way. He clapped. “Alright, everyone, be quiet!

“If that is the case and everyone is on the same boat, no one should have their own motives! Anyone who acts out of the group and makes everyone lose all their investment doesn’t even need to dream of continuing in the Jingzhou investment circle in the future!

“Everyone, think!”

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These investors finally accepted reality seeing how anxious Li Shi was.

Most of them were harboring a sure-win attitude and just dipping their hands in the cookie jar. There were many careful thoughts during the discussions. They wanted to push everything to Boss Pei while obtaining the best benefits for themselves.

However, no one was willing to take on this heavy burden now that Boss Pei was gone and Chen Kangtuo refused to speak.

Everyone understood their situation with Li Shi’s outburst. They would really be making ducks and drakes of this money if they did not put in any effort!

Li Shi took the lead. “I’ll start first. I’m going to open a horror-themed restaurant. I plan to make it look like a prison. Each private room will be a cell. The waitress in charge of delivering the meals would be pretty ladies dressed as jailers.