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The fruit really do make money online

It would be better to say that more things will happen after that.

If you suffered a setback before graduation, it could lead to being expelled, and you might also break up due to unfaithfulness or violence.

This was how I thought about the future. A month later, half a year later, one year later.

Sometimes, unexpected things might happen, but I didn’t like to act out suddenly.

What’s more, those were related to those actions that I did.

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Then, let’s return to the main topic.

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In fact, all the things I’ve done so far was to change a “certain probability”.

Needless to say, this is obviously to increase the success rate.

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As for what the success rate was, maybe it would be revealed today.

If my predictions were correct, it was about time for someone to contact me.

The phone I was holding started to ring

An 11 digit number appeared on my device’s screen.

The number which was not registered on my phone belonged to Karuizawa Kei.

“It’s me, I’m sorry for making you wait.”

After she called multiple times, I finally picked it up.

30 minutes ago, I called Kei, but she didn’t answer it. Now, she called back.

“Nevermind that, what’s the matter?”

“You sound a little dissatisfied.”