Men's online doing money

Men's online doing money

For mid-tier players, the gaming company knew that these people had money on them, but not much. Their consumption was relatively rational. This group of people often combined their liver and paywalls. Some games were more cost-effective, so they would paywalls.

Thus, the game company would offer discounts and promotions regularly. The whales would spend the original prices to buy good items, and then set up gift bags for discounts or lucky draws in order to encourage these mid-tier players to continue spending.

They might be mid-tier gamers but it was still an income that could not be ignored for gaming companies as they spent in multiples of ten or even a hundred yuan per month.

Finally, it was the whales. This group of people might have occupied less than 1%!o(MISSING)f the gamers but they occupied the majority of the income of the game companies. Serving whales was the mission of most games companies.

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The game had to have a deep paywall to satisfy whales. They would lose interest very quickly if the whales only needed to spend tens of thousands of yuan.

The game company would continuously release better characters, weapons, and equipment, constantly upgrading the goods that they spent money to purchase.

The eliminated equipment could be sold to mid-tier players at a discount.

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Whales had to continue spending money if they wanted to remain on the top.

However, the good thing was that whales were all very rich. They did not lack money. whales who were willing to spend tens of thousands of yuan on the game would not mind spending tens of thousands yuan more.

Thus, the entire game formed a perfect closed loop. Free games, mid-tier gamers, and whales had their own way of playing and they could obtain their own pleasure from the game.

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The game developers could also continue to take money from everyone and everyone would be happy.

Those games with paywalls that earned a lot of money were basically the same.

He had to jump out of this trap if he wanted to earn less money.

Of course, Ghost General had also jumped out of this trap. However, it had gone a little overboard and taken a different path.

Ghost General only had one entry requirement for purchasing games and a permanent membership card. In fact, it was equivalent to turning games with paywalls into a buyout system.