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“Huh? A misunderstanding…”

Aguri finally calmed down, and deliberately talked it over with Amano-chi.

And then—several minutes later.

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“Oh my.”

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There were the figures of two people having a friendly conversation while putting their hands on their chests, sighing in relief.

Thinking about the absurd misunderstanding we had, both of us laughed

“Seriously, we’re idiots for not noticing that misunderstanding earlier.”

“Really, really! Ahaha, ah, that’s funny! That’s really funny!”

“Yea, it is! It’s practically miraculous how much we misunderstand each other! But even then…”

“Yea, I don’t know if it was a fairy or God, but it was a bit excessive of a prank. But…”

The two of us, while smiling, then said the same words at the same time.

“Aguri (we) aren’t that thickheaded to not have noticed our misunderstanding!”

We both praised each other’s perceptiveness while smiling.

And so, today once again, the meeting… without having really helped either of us, ended on a calm and positive note.

1. Reference to Youkai Watch

2. Rice crackers with peanuts

3. There’s another misunderstanding here about the “bang, bang!” that Amano says, but I found it difficult to make the wordplay come across in English.