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However, she was different from everyone else. Lin Wan was not disappointed to the point of helplessness. Instead, she retained her composure. It was almost like she had already been prepared for this.

In the conference room, everyone took their seats.

Lin Wan scanned the room and said sincerely, “Everyone must have seen the figures for day one of our game’s release. They don’t look

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Everyone remained silent.

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In fact, everyone was used to situations like these. When the ex-boss-Du Ruijie—was still around, he would often call for meetings like that after seeing bad figures for games. He would primarily shift the blame and encourage everyone.

If there was a problem with the game, it would show signs of being a flop after being released. That meant that something must have gone very wrong somewhere. Of course, the boss would have to share the blame.

Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version’s problem was that they had chosen the wrong path when they made it a mini-client.

Wang Xiaobin was the first to think of making the game a mini-client, but everyone had agreed to it. What’s more, Director Lin and Boss Pei had agreed to it as well.

How would Director Lin split the responsibility?

Thus, everyone guessed that she would not spend too much time trying to shift the blame. Instead, she would probably skip to the encouraging part as soon as she could.

From the way things were going with the game, everyone guessed that they would have to work overtime in order to turn the situation around.

If the ex-boss, Du Ruijie, and the ex-chief planner, Old Liu, were still around; they would have told everyone to slog tirelessly under the 996 system and make as many changes to the game as possible. Of course, they would do so at no additional pay. After all, the company had already been on the brink of death. It was one thing not to tide through difficult periods with the company but quite another to demand overtime pay.

A few old employees sighed quietly.

After all, ever since Boss Pei bought over the company, he did not make any changes to the structure. The moment something went wrong with company operations, they would be right back where they started.

Everyone’s hearts sank as they prepared themselves to work overtime for the coming weeks.

However, Lin Wan’s tone changed. “This is not your fault. Don’t blame yourselves.”

Everyone immediately felt strange.

Director Lin was not trying to shift the blame?

This was a good thing, but the game had failed after all. Someone had to step out and take the blame for it, right? Someone had to decide how they should move forward.