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The moment when my tension went down,

「A-As expected, I guess…. Unfortunately, I will have to retreat this time…」

Zerey flapped his battered wings and slowly rose into the sky.

「D-Don’t think you’ve won with this… Next time, I’ll bring a hundred of my brethren and brutally murder you! At that time, of course, all of the inferior race in this country will be massacred!」he yelled, with bloodshot eyes mixed with hatred and murderous rage.

「Do you think you can escape in such a wounded state?」

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I stretched Dark Shadow again, steadily observing Zerey’s movement.

(This much damage was caused by a single demon…)

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If a hundred of them were to invade… at worst, the entire country could be destroyed.

(Before it becomes more troublesome, I have to bring down Zerey no matter the cost!)

I poured my spiritual power into the True Black Sword and prepared to unleash Dark Roar.

「Fuu, that’s a disgusting amount of output… But are you really sure about that? Shoot it at me and everyone but you will die.」he said, swinging〈Morsa Vector〉with his battered hands.

「Magic Flute – Massacre Chapter!」

The next moment, thousands of naked blades appeared, tearing through the space; all of which were directed at Ria and everyone else.


Knowing he wouldn’t be able to win in a one-on-one, Zerey took them all as hostages.

(If I swallow all the blades at the same time with Dark Shadow… No, not possible… With this many of them, I won’t make it in time.)

As I was gritting my teeth in frustration,

「Kukuku… What will you do now? Are you going to kill me and let the hostages die? Or do you let me go and save all your friends? Only one of the two.」Zerey asked, with a smug look.

I can’t let him escape no matter what.