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“On one hand, this pricing is to allow everyone to enjoy the delicacies without any burden. They would not miss out on the delicacies because they feel that they are expensive. On the other hand, profits are not the first goal of the food market.”

“The mission of the food market is to respond to the call of the old industrial zone to showcase the snack culture across the country. It is not purely commercial...”

Zhang Yahui spoke confidently and fluently in front of the camera.

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Zhang Lixian could not help but nod.

That was great!

Obviously, as the person-in-charge of the snack market, Zhang Yahui had a deep understanding of the snack market. His positioning was very accurate and his explanation was very easy to understand.

Next, he had to ask more important questions to sublimate the theme.

“I heard that you used to be a food vendor. How did you become the person-in-charge of the snack market?”

Zhang Yahui heaved a sigh of relief and spoke about his experience.

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He had dropped out of high school to set up a stall with his parents because of his poor family background.

The good thing was that he was smart and liked to research on his own. The roasted cold noodles he made were quite famous in the area.

Later, the Cold-Faced Lady organized a Street Food Contest. Zhang Yahui’s roasted cold noodles obtained unanimous praise from the judges and was hired as a Gourmet Adviser.

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After that, Boss Pei made an exception to promote him to be the person-in-charge of the snack market. That was how the current scene happened.

At that point, Zhang Yahui sighed. “Speaking of which, I’m really very grateful to Boss Pei!”

“As an ordinary food vendor, I’m very honored to be promoted to be the person-in-charge of the snack market and be in charge of such a huge project.”