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For fear that they would interrupt the team’s training, Huang Wang and the others purposely came at this time.

They had intended to give Zhang Yuan and Coach Yaling a surprise, but they were not in. Thus, he had no choice but to send a message to Zhang Yuan, asking where they were.

Soon, Huang Wang’s cell phone vibrated. Zhang Yuan had replied.

Huang Wang glanced at the message from Zhang Yuan. “Ah, Boss Pei brought them out for a meal! They’re at Ming House. Brother Zhang has invited us over because there are enough seats!”

Old Zhou was elated. “That’s great! We haven’t seen Boss Pei for a long time! Let’s go!”

At Ming House...

Looking at the members happily wolfing food down, Pei Qian could not help but feel excited as well.

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He had to say that the food Boss Li served here was getting better day by day.

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After all, with the nameless restaurant as the benchmark and with Ming House being the second-best high-end restaurant in Jingzhou, it could not fall too far behind. Of course, its food had to keep getting better.

Pei Qian himself could not eat at the nameless restaurant every day. Having important gatherings at Ming House instead more than made up for it.

As they ate, Zhang Yuan kept his phone and happily announced, “Boss Pei, Huang Wang, and the others want to come over and eat with us!”

“Oh?” Pei Qian was stunned but soon nodded. “Alright, Waiter, serve more food!”

There would be more than ten more mouths to feed, and Huang Wang and the others were very well-built. They had big appetites, and so Pei Qian could expect to spend thousands of yuan more. It was quite worth it.

Although Pei Qian did not really want to see them, there was no harm in welcoming them because they would help him to spend more money.

Soon after, Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the others arrived.

The empty seats at the two big tables were all filled up. Once Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the other members sat down; they wanted to catch up and exchange pleasantries. However, Boss Pei stopped them almost immediately.

“Stop talking so much. Eat!”