Which financial project is most profitable online?

Which financial project is most profitable online?

It was not difficult to transplant the ‘Fitness Battle’ into the VR equipment because if nothing went wrong, this latest VR equipment would use a custom-made operating system by Shenhua. It was essentially no different from a cell phone.

Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin’s goal was to install “Fitness Battle” directly into their VR glasses. They wanted to achieve a good game effect even if they did not use computers. This was very important. It could greatly reduce the threshold for players to play.

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After that, they would continue to create more props to provide gamers with continuous fitness or the motivation to spend money. It would form a virtuous cycle.

May 25th, Friday...

Pei Qian had just finished his lunch at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe at 11 AM.

Pei Qian felt excited and expectant as he thought about the changes that would happen to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in the future.

He was prepared to bring Tian Mo to Tengda’s experience shop this afternoon to see how the renovations were going. If there were any problems, he could resolve them as soon as possible.

If there were no problems, he would get the sales team to move in quickly and burn money!

At that moment, Pei Qian’s cell phone rang.

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“Eh? Lu Mingliang?”

Pei Qian was quite surprised.

It had been a long time since she took the initiative to contact him.