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Pei Qian had expected him to say this. “The candidate for the branch manager is very simple. Isn’t Zhuang Dong very good?”

“Zhuang… Zhuang Dong?” Tian Mo was even more shocked.

Others might not know, but how could he not know Zhuang Dong’s situation?

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The fact that he could survive as a salesperson in the experience shop without causing major damage to the experience shop was the result of him working hard to maintain the upper limit of his IQ!

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“Boss Pei, Zhuang Dong is my brother. Of course, I have no objections to him. However… Can he be the branch manager?” Tian Mo looked confused.

Pei Qian smiled. “If you can be the branch manager, why can’t he?”

Tian Mo: “Ah, this…”

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He wanted to say ‘Boss Pei, don’t insult me’, but on further thought, it seemed like there was no problem with what Boss Pei said.

He did feel that he was much smarter than Zhuang Dong though.

However, in the eyes of others, he probably would not be much smarter than Zhuang Dong even if he was slightly smarter.

On the other hand, Boss Pei had praised and biased Zhuang Dong many times. Obviously, he had found a certain trait in Zhuang Dong. This trait could be successful under Boss Pei’s catalysis.

Pei Qian continued, “As for opening the shop, there’s no hurry. You can take your time.”

“If you feel that you are not well-prepared, you should prepare more; if you feel that the plan is not mature, you can spend more money to come up with a few more plans. Even if you regret halfway, you can inform me and redo it!”

“In short, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. There are no hard indicators for this mission. There are no particularly strict time restrictions. What’s there to worry about?”

“The only requirement is to complete at least one experience shop within half a year.”

“In other words, until February next year, at least one experience shop can be opened. What’s more, there can’t be any experience shops that are under construction, understand?”

Tian Mo nodded. “I understand. This request is very loose, but…”

Pei Qian interrupted him. “Since it’s very loose, what’s there to worry about?”