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“Then I’ll give this ‘leader’ here a warning. I ain’t got any intention of cooperating with this retarded ‘equality’ shit of yours.”

It didn’t seem like he was going to make this easy for us after all.

It was inevitable that there would be some sort of contrast between us, who wanted to protect our classmates at any cost, and Hōsen, who didn’t particularly care about his.

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Not to mention, between expulsion and three months without private points, there was far too much of a difference in our respective penalties for failing the exam.

“Is that right? Well I suppose that is the type of person you are.”

“If you can figure out that much, then why don’tcha stop being so fuckin’ stingy then? I’m all ears.”

“All ears? What are you expecting? Do you really think we’ll pay you in order to get you to help us?”

Despite the fact that we were in a less than favorable position, Horikita didn’t back down, refusing to concede an inch.

“You’ll pay. I’m sure you will. There ain’t jack shit you can do without spendin’ at this point. Nanase. Water.”

Hōsen voiced his demands to Nanase as he skimmed over the Karaoke menu.

To this, Nanase nodded and placed an order for some water over the phone.

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“I know that I’m repeating myself here, but our proposal for you is based on equality. It has nothing to do with either of us handing over points, goods, or any other form of compensation.”

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“If you’re gonna keep spoutin’ off that shit, then I guess I don’t gotta stick around waitin’ for the water to get here.”

There wasn’t a shred of hesitation on his face as he began making a show of brushing nonexistent dust off his thighs, implying that he would soon stand up and leave.

“Please hold on a moment, Hōsen-kun. I think you should wait for Horikita-senpai to finish first.”

Nanase, who had been quietly listening off to the side, prompted him to stop.