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“Of course, the details of the venue have also been optimized according to the suggestions of viewers in the global finals.”

“Why don’t we take some time out in the afternoon to take a look?”

Pei Qian nodded. “Alright, let’s go take a look.”

In the afternoon...

In the heart of Jingzhou, the Great World.

Pei Qian, Lin Wan, Zhang Yuan, and Min Jingchao arrived at the plaza outside the shopping mall.

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He could see it from afar. There was a huge promotional poster hanging outside the building. The original poster for GOG’s global finals had been removed and replaced with a publicity poster for the GPL league.

Previously, GOG’s global finals had mainly been printed with GOG’s iconic heroes, such as Modest and Ruan,the Literary Genius of the Winds, as well as GOG’s first international invitational tournament.

However, the main part of the GPL poster had now become the flags of all the clubs. There were logos of various clubs on the sixteen flags. Of course, most of these logos were related to the brand of the parent company.

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For example, Shenhua Real Estate’s team’s SHG had made some changes based on Shenhua Real Estate’s logo. It looked more fashionable and had the charm of an E-Sports Club.

However, through the logo and the name of the team, people could tell that this club was related to Shenhua Real Estate. It could help promote the company’s brand.

Sixteen war flags were lined up neatly in two rows. It looked like a battlefield where two armies were facing each other. The flags were fluttering in the air, looking very majestic.

It had an aura even though there were no fancy heroes in the promotional poster.

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At the moment, GOG was already very influential in the country. Customers who often came to the Great World had basically linked this poster to GOG.

Thus, there was no longer a need for those fancy heroes to show up. The protagonists now were the various clubs in the GPL. The main stage was for them.

Pei Qian was very satisfied with this poster.

There was no more Modest, he was finally free!