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The second image was of Lu Zhiyao.

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His costume was much simpler. He was dressed in a single gray tone and a style that looked overly pithy, to the point of being unpresentable.

Both of them were acting as people from the future. However, Zhang Zuting was acting as the judge—an obviously rich man. Naturally, his clothing had to be showier. On the other hand, Lu Zhiyao was acting as the poor, male protagonist. That meant he could only wear the simplest of clothing.

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Still, Lu Zhiyao’s simple and unpresentable clothing could not hide his good looks. It was obvious that the make-up artist had not dolled Lu Zhiyao up that much. However, Lu Zhiyao was just naturally too handsome. The make-up artist may have cut back on purpose, and the clothes Lu Zhiyao was wearing may not have looked nice, but his good looks still shone through.

After some thought, Pei Qian said, “Leave it as it is.”

Pei Qian was afraid that making Lu Zhiyao look ugly would end up hurting his toxicity. He continued scrolling down and saw the lead actress’ photo.

Pei Qian had never seen her. She had a round face, big eyes, and two shallow dimples when she smiled. Put simply, she had the face of every man’s first crush.

Pei Qian looked up her name-Lin Ruyi—and found no results. It looked like she was a new actress whom no one really knew. It was likely that she had not even starred in a movie before.

After looking through the photos, Pei Qian realized that the movie’s make-up, costumes, and props were all quite well done. It was obvious that Director Zhu Xiaoce had put in a considerable amount of effort into these things.

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At first, Pei Qian felt slightly worried. However, on further thought, he recalled that the movie was meant to ‘succeed’ on its plot alone. As good as the make-up, costumes, and props were; they only acted as nice packaging to the toxins inside the movie. They would definitely not hinder his plans.

November 25th, Thursday…

It was Thanksgiving Day. It was also the day that Pei Qian had set to distribute money to the needy students.

Pei Qian had shortlisted these students based on the data in the school’s Campus Card System. The school’s investigations later confirmed that all of these students were needy.

The five hundred yuan was to be transferred into their campus cards directly. There was no need for loud announcements or notifications. Only students, who realized that their card balance looked strange and who went to approach teachers in charge of the top-up stations in school, would get an explanation.

The instructor, Zhang Wei, was in his office. He handed a name list to Pei Qian and said, “These are the postgraduate students who have experience marking examination papers. There are a few from every faculty, and we have already notified them of this program beforehand. “You can shortlist whoever you want and contact them directly.

“As for remuneration… there’s really no need to give them three hundred yuan per day. That’s too high a standard.

“You’ve already donated five million yuan to the school. Moreover, these postgraduate students are all your seniors. All of them felt very moved when they heard the news. A few even agreed to help you mark scripts without being paid.”

Pei Qian quickly shook his head. “That wouldn’t do! I have to pay them however much it costs. How can I pull strings like that? Marking is very tiring and intense work. How can I take advantage of my own seniors?