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“If the amount is too low, it wouldn’t leave an impression on you.”

Of course, continuously handing out so many private points would become a heavy burden for me.

However, that problem would be handled soon enough.

“We’ve finished our negotiations, so is it alright if you tell me what I want to know now?”

“Sure. What type of stuff are you looking for?”

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“Crimes or even embarrassing information about someone’s past, either would be fine. Generally speaking, something that would cause problems if it was made public.”

“Sure. I’ll tell you properly then.”

Amused by the situation, Kushida began to share the secrets she had accumulated over the last year.

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She led with things like crushes and who certain people hated, and then went into students’ family circumstances and past acts of delinquency.

She spoke energetically.

Even at this stage, she was unaware of my true intentions.

Saving Ichinose.

Responding to Sakayanagi’s provocation.

Diverting Hashimoto’s attention away from me.

The looming threat of Nagumo.