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The key was still to see if the “BP verification competition” would be able to achieve a stunning effect tomorrow!

April 26th, Thursday...

The weather today was not bad. The sun was shining brightly, and the lighting on the circular balcony was very good.

Thus, Pei Qian did not go to work. Instead, he ate his breakfast in the living room and watched Bunny Tail Live-Stream on his cell phone.

Recently, he found a big boss who specialized in economics on Bunny Tail Live-Stream. He would only talk for half an hour for every live-stream. The content was very superficial but sounded very interesting.

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Pei Qian happened to have to complete an hour of work on Bunny Tail live-stream every day. Thus, he took the time to eat and rest to watch these big shots’ lectures.

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This bit of fragmented knowledge might be superficial but it was much more meaningful than watching short videos.

As for why he did not tell Chen Yufeng to cancel the one-hour limit on his account...

Of course, that was because Boss Pei wanted to set an example!

This rule was proposed by him. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to slapping his own face if he did not abide by it?

Boss Pei still wanted his pride.

The application for Bunny Tail Live-Stream was finally unlocked after watching the video for an entire hour. It displayed the contents of various recommendation spots on the home page.

“Eh? DGE Team gathers again?”

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Pei Qian saw a promotional picture at the top of the homepage at a glance: Huang Wang and Jiang Huan, the two team leaders, leading the other old DGE members, looking like they were ready to fight.

Pei Qian could not help but be shocked. He quickly clicked on it.

It was written on the map that the competition would start from three to five in the afternoon. The competition had not started yet. After clicking on it, it was the webpage of the live-stream. There were a few simple rules and instructions written on it.

The name of the competition was covered. It should only be revealed when the competition officially begins.