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“You’re weird. Why are you happy about going up against him again?

Ibuki laughed grimly without even looking at me.

“Well, I’m looking forward to how he’s going to attack me.”

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I answered honestly, in which Ibuki responded by making a disgusted face at me.

Although I didn’t want to act myself too much, if the opponent was Ryuuen, I wouldn’t mind having a rematch.

But for him to match me, he needed to develop even more.

He needed to show me that he could win against Horikita, Ichinose and Sakayanagi.

Not long after, we reached Keyaki mall.

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“Sorry Ayanokouji, let’s end it here. It would be a problem if anyone saw us together..”

Although I didn’t know where they were going to meet later, exchanging ideas like this wasn’t bad.

I accepted Ishizaki for looking out for me like this, something he usually didn’t do.

I parted ways with Ishizaki and Ibuki, and headed towards the mall entrance.

When I first met Ishizaki, I never thought that I would be able to hold this sort of conversation with him.

Although my relationship with Ibuki might’ve regressed, it was still at least a change.

“It’s been a year already…”