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Her thoroughly optimized sword can generate “weight” that you can’t imagine from that slender body of hers.

「Well, these things are learned by doing. I’ll show you guys an example slowly. You should try to imitate that movement.」

Bacchus-san then reached for the sword that was fastened to his left hip and dropped his center of gravity slightly.

The next moment,

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「Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style – Lightning Sakura!」

A thunder-clap like flash ran through the sky.

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We were speechless witnessing the speed of the sword.

Amongst us,

「…As fast as ever.」

Only Rose, who knew Bacchus-san’s skill very well, muttered quietly.

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(I saw it in yesterday’s fight, but it’s still incredibly fast.)

It’s definitely the fastest sword drawing I’ve ever seen.

(But, I see now… I have grasped the “principle of Lightning Sakura”!)

By holding the sheath horizontally, Bacchus-san reduced the gravitational resistance when the sword was drawn.

His arm bends almost like a whip, creating a fearsome acceleration in the sheath. Furthermore, by “snapping” his wrist, he adds a “final acceleration.”

(So this is the technique of a school, huh.)

Fearsomely precise body weight transfer and wasteless movement.