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「Then,『Dokidoki! Coupling Battle!』Start!」

The president’s excited voice echoed throughout the auditorium.

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Right after that.

「It’s annoying to go along with that devil’s proposal, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! For the swordsmanship club to survive, I will cut you down here!」

「Fu-fufu! Let’s start the revenge match, Allen-kun!」

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Jean Bael, the head of the swordsmanship club, and Silty Rosette, the deputy head, quickly surrounded me with the members of the swordsmanship club.

(T-Too many…)

The number was slightly over a hundred and continued to increase even now.

I immediately unsheathed my sword and looked over to Ria and the rest, while being vigilant of my surroundings.

「Ri, Ria-san! I’ll take your Santa hat!」

「N-No! I’ll never give it to you!」

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Many male students surrounded Ria.

「Rose-san, please have a bout with me!」

「Hmm, interesting… Try to take it if you can!」

The same amount of male students around Rose.

「C-Claude san! Please go out with me!」

「W-Wait a minute! I’m a woman, you know!?」

And, a lot of female students crowded around Claude-san for some reason.

Ria, Rose, and Claude-san, each of them had about 30 people surrounding them.