The most popular project online is

The most popular project online is

Pei Qian had already tasted the bitterness of games with paywalls with Ghost General.

Thus, Pei Qian wanted to dissuade gamers from purchasing as long as the pool was deep enough!

Comparatively, the shopping mall would definitely be more profitable than the lucky draw.

The reason why many games with paywalls put rare characters and props into the lucky draw was because the lucky draw was a bottomless pit. When the probability of producing goods was low, the value that whales had to pay to obtain a certain character far exceeded its actual value.

Of course, many games companies would make the lucky draw seem worth it. The items that were drawn from the lucky draw would exceed the actual value of the items that were bought directly. However, the problem was that there would be many useless items added to the lucky draw. Therefore, players would still be at a disadvantage.

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Pei Qian’s plan was to add the lucky draw system and increase the theoretical upper limit of the game so that the game would be free. However, this lucky draw system was completely different from other games. It was definitely not worth it.

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The quality-price ratio of this lucky draw system was very low. Moreover, it would give players the props and value that they drew out publicly. The key was that if players were dissatisfied, they could return and obtain a refund. Then, players would be given a period of calm. They could not recharge in three days.

This way, no one would be interested in the lucky draw. The whales would only spend a few hundred yuan to buy items that they were interested in. Even if middle-class players spent money to win prizes, they would only keep them if they were satisfied. If they were not satisfied, they would refund the game at any time. Thus, they would not spend much money. There was no need to talk about the players playing for free. They would definitely work hard to buy items using calories. They would definitely not spend a single cent.

All three types of gamers would not spend much money. How perfect!

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Pei Qian was starting to admire himself. What a genius plan!

Chang You nodded repeatedly as he took notes seriously.

He did not know much about games with paywalls, but Boss Pei looked like he had everything under control. Obviously, he had to trust Boss Pei unconditionally.

In any case, no matter how complicated the system Boss Pei designed, it would definitely succeed. He just had to shout ‘awesome’ at the side!

After deciding on the game’s payment mode, Pei Qian looked at Meng Chang, who was still working out. “How’s the publicity plan? Any progress?”

Meng Chang got down from the smart fitness drying rack with beads of sweat on his forehead. “There’s some progress!”

He did not dare to say that he had no idea. What if Boss Pei asked him to continue training after he said it?