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The dormitories here had a much better environment than back at Pei Qian’s Handong University.

There were individual tables at the bottom of every bunk bed and the dormitories were air conditioned as well apart from being new and spacious.

Thanks to the resource website set up by ESRO, many of the arts students are able to take on side jobs online during their university days which helped to improve their lives slightly.

Not only that, these projects would help them in seeking employment post graduation as well.

Ruan Guangjian put his mouse away and yelled, “Old Huang, Old Zhou! Hurry and get the others here! We’ve got work!”

Before long, the other five people in the dormitory scurried over.

“Three weeks, 50 sets of original arts with four pieces each. 3,000 yuan! How’s that? Great, right?”

Ruan Guangjian was an energetic young fella with short hair, fair skin and exquisite features – he did not look like an artist at all.

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The same can’t be said for his roommates where some of them kept long hair while others had tattoos – they all had distinctive traits.

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Old Huang, a guy with a short beard, was the first to head over. “3,000 yuan for four pieces? Holy shit! That’ll do! For that price, I’ll even do cartoonish designs! Just for the sake of survival!”

Ruan Guangjian shook his head. “Cartoonish? That’s not the case this time round! The client made it clear that he’s fine with any styles as long as it’s not cartoonish!”

Old Huang was stunned. “Huh? But I recall you only uploaded cartoonish art on your portfolio previously? This client came looking for you while insisting that he doesn’t want it to be cartoonish? Is he braindead?”

“F*ck you! This is called being insightful on his part!” Ruan Guangjian rolled his eyes. “I had drawing cartoons. But what can I do when all the mobile games are trending with cartoon characters? Previously, I could only receive jobs for drawing cartoons, so I had no choice. Now that he doesn’t want any cartoons, I can finally show my true worth!”

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“You’re going to draw in that style of yours? I don’t think that’ll fit...” Old Huang was hesitant. “Taking the client’s money to draw something that you want, that’s...”

“The client has made it clear that he trusts my artistic skills and professional judgment and he gives me complete autonomy over the design!”

“Besides, look at that requirement form! It’s completely in line with my thoughts!”

After finishing another song, Chen Lei did not continue singing the next song. He cleared his throat on the microphone and said a slightly emotional speech, “I want to announce something today. From tomorrow onwards, I will no longer be singing here anymore.”

There was instantly a commotion below the stage.