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Online business is most profitable

At that moment, Pei Qian was planning the interview team’s itinerary.

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“We can bring them to this attraction in Jingzhou this afternoon and let them walk around. At night, we can bring them to Ming Yun Private Kitchen. I’ve already planned the menu.

“Tomorrow’s Monday. We can take them to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

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“In the afternoon… We can go to the other attractions in Jingzhou. We’ll pick the most expensive ones. At night, they can have dinner at other high-end restaurants.

“We should probably start the interview the day after tomorrow.

“They can talk to staff from various departments over three days. Allow them to get as much material as they need.

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“Once they’re done, ask them to remain in Jingzhou to rest for a full day before leaving. Get them to stay until Saturday if you can.

“We can have a farewell meal at Ming Yun Private Kitchen on Saturday night. “Then, they can take a flight out of here on Sunday. That’s a full week—perfect.

“We have to remember to buy them parting gifts before they leave. Give each of them ten gifts so that they can distribute them to their colleagues when they get back. “Yes, that’s about it.”

After calculating the total amount of money he could spend this time, Pei Qian could not help but grin.

In Pei Qian’s eyes, this team was not here to film an interview with himself. Instead, they were his friends who were here to help him spend money.

As the saying went, one should spare no effort in taking advantage of whatever he laid his hand on.

It was rare for so many people to visit Jingzhou. Pei Qian could not allow them to slip away just like that!

After confirming the itinerary, Pei Qian glanced at his watch. It was almost time to set off.

Once Pei Qian arrived at the hotel, he spotted the interview team, walked up to them, and gave them a warm welcome to Jingzhou.