Is it true that the mine is real? How to make money

Is it true that the mine is real? How to make money

A short while after Pei Qian arrived, Li Shi and Wang Peng walked into the restaurant. “Boss Pei!”

“Boss Li, Boss Wang.”

After exchanging a couple of hypocritical pleasantries with both men, Pei Qian sat down with them. A bad feeling arose in Pei Qian’s gut as he observed Wang Peng’s wide grin.

What was he so happy about?

“Boss Wang, why did you want to meet me?” Pei Qian asked, feeling slightly worried. Pei Qian had an ominous feeling every time someone met him full of smiles!

Wang Peng grinned at Boss Pei but did not answer his question. Instead, he glanced at Li Shi and said, “I heard from Boss Li that you’re a lucky charm, Boss Pei. Whoever gets close to you will get lucky!

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“If they treat you kindly, they would reap extremely generous rewards as well. “After what happened with Ming House, I was still half-doubtful. However, I am completely convinced now!”

Pei Qian looked confused. After a moment of silence, question marks filled his mind.

What’s he trying to say? I’m a lucky charm? Why don’t I feel the same way?

Your good luck is bad luck to me!

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Seeing Boss Pei’s indifference, Li Shi smiled and said to Wang Peng, “Boss Wang, just cut to the chase. Boss Pei doesn’t like being left hanging

“What’s more, Boss Pei is extremely busy all the time. There are a lot of things that require his attention. I don’t think he even knows about this.”

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Pei Qian opened his mouth, but no sound came out of it. Something about what Boss Li had said didn’t sit right with Pei Qian, but he could not find any major mistakes either.