Which of the netbook software is easy to use

Which of the netbook software is easy to use

Good, Meng Chang had some ability!

Not only did they not gain any popularity for Bunny Tail Live-Stream, they even got scolded. Well done!

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At the same time, Meng Chang, who was preparing the E-Sports promotional video, saw the promotional video of Bunny Tail live-stream on Aili Island.

He looked as happy as Pei Qian.

The situation was great!

The promotional video this time was not very popular. Even if there were comments, they were basically cursing them. He would definitely get a huge commission according to his agreement with Boss Pei!

Meng Chang felt motivated at the thought of the commission. He could not wait to finish filming the E-Sports promotional video so that he could have a double celebration.

However, Meng Chang suddenly saw a new comment after scrolling through the comments section.

“Everyone, don’t be in a hurry to criticize. We’ve misunderstood! Bunny Tail Live-Stream is not trying to ride on its popularity. This live-stream platform is completely different from other live-streams! Everyone, go to the website of Bunny Tail Live-Stream to understand more!”

Meng Chang looked a little lost when he saw this comment.

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What was the meaning of this?

Why was Bunny Tail Live-stream completely different from other live-stream platforms?

Meng Chang vaguely felt that something was amiss. He quickly searched for “Bunny Tail Live-Stream”, found the official website, and clicked on it.

After that, he saw a white-haired and energetic old man on the home page. He was using a very easy-to-understand way to teach ancient literature, including ancient poems and some basic knowledge of literature.

The backdrop was a bookshelf that took up an entire wall. There were all sorts of paintings hanging on the side. It was filled with an ancient charm. Obviously, it was the home of this old professor.

There were not many people in the live-stream, but Professor Kong Zhemin did not mind. He smiled and spoke tirelessly as if he was teaching a new student.

Meng Chang was stunned. He thought that the way he opened the Bunny Tail Live-Stream was wrong.

What the hell was happening?