Types of making money online

Types of making money online

After a crisp beeping sound, a dark gray cover appeared on the cell phone screen, covering the content of the original image. A colorful tilde appeared on the screen.

The main part below the tilde was a display area for information. At the bottom was a smaller tilde.

The colorful tilde above the screen was AEEIS’ main body. It would only move according to the sound notes when AEEIS answered. When AEEIS did not answer, it would have other dynamics such as rolling in in wave motions or rotating regularly. This was used to express AEEIS’ current mood and state of mind.

On the other hand, the smaller tilde was used to collect voice messages from the outside world. It would vibrate as Yu Pingan spoke.

The entire page was very clean. There was no additional text information.

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Yu Pingan had used other voice assistants before. Many words would be displayed on the page, including frequently asked questions. However, the AEEIS interface was cleaner and simpler. It was the same style as Otto OS.

Yu Pingan had a good first impression of AEEIS.

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Lin Wan noticed that Boss Pei walked past a few brands selling personal use products; he didn’t even walk in!

He didn’t even buy a perfume gift box that was a thousand-over yuan!

Furthermore, Boss Pei had bought stuff that was related to work. Even the wallet and briefcase he had bought were those suited for business meetings! Altogether, he had spent not even a hundred thousand yuan!

Lin Wan was very surprised; how strong was her boss’s self-control!

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She touched her heart and knew that if it was someone else that earned two million—no, wait, even one million—that person would probably spend lavishly on clothing, wallets, and watches that cost tens of thousands each.

However, Boss Pei had spent not even a hundred thousand yuan; he also looked satisfied!

That was very impressive!

Thinking that Boss Pei had always been very generous when it came to working conditions, salary, and giving out bonuses; it was a stark comparison to what she witnessed now!

Lin Wan, Huang Sibo, and company’s eyes grew a little moist.

What a saint boss they had!