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“Nonsense. Look at dramas and comics; won’t they have to end each episode with an unresolved problem, too? Readers might criticize the surface, but they cannot hide their genuine reactions. Once you upload the next chapter, they will come back and read it. Cliffhanger endings are good for making readers stick around.”

“If you don’t leave cliffhangers, your readers will stop reading after this chapter. Your next chapter will have fewer readers, then!”

“Writers who don’t write cliffhanger endings are bad writers!”

Everyone was engaged in this discussion. A significant number of people nodded profusely while a few writers smiled subtly, neither confirming nor denying that last statement.

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Cui Geng looked at his calendar. He had arrived in Jingzhou last Thursday. Exactly one week had passed since then.

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At the start, everyone had been unfamiliar with one another. Thus, they had only discussed very superficial topics.

Now, most people knew one another well. For some particularly close writers, nothing was taboo to talk about.

Naturally, they began to discuss topics related to writing as well.

Cui Geng whipped out his phone and read the comments section for his novel.

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“This is so scary. The no-show has been uploading five chapters each day. At the start, I suspected that he had really been kidnapped. Now, there’s no need to suspect anymore; he’s definitely been kidnapped!”

“The novel’s quality seems to have dropped slightly, but it’s still nice to read!”

“No-Show, hang in there. If you do this for one more week, all of my votes will go to you!”

As Cui Geng read these comments, he had mixed feelings. He had to say that it was effective to upload as many chapters as he could…

The moment he started uploading more chapters, he gained a significant number of loyal readers, subscriptions, and votes.

Over the past week, Cui Geng had written about eight to ten thousand words daily. The old him would never have imagined that he would be capable of such a thing.

What’s more, the numbers were increasing mainly because he was working for longer hours. He had not added more words or diluted the story on purpose. Thus, the novel’s quality was more or less maintained.

Of course, there were some sick people among them. After an entire day of writing, those people would return to their hotel rooms at night to write one more chapter and tidy up the general plot. To Cui Geng, they were beasts.

Cui Geng would never do such a thing. He only worked for eight hours each day and wrote an average of a thousand words per hour. That was not considered fast, but it was already significant for him.