app to make money

app to make money

There was a moment of silence, and then doubtful voices came. “Huh?”

“What? Are you sure?” “Now?”

“Where did you hear about that? Is it reliable?”

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Obviously, most of them were skeptical and were unwilling to believe it instinctively. Everything was going well with the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ app. It might be burning money fast, but the money was all exchanged for data!

They could continue to burn money until it gets listed to the stock market. The investors would profit many times over then!

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This project was far from going downhill, and yet he wanted to exit now? That seemed rather unreasonable.

“I don’t have to lie to you. Think about it. Isn’t it the best time to cash out when the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ app is on fire?

“Moreover, do you really think this project can be listed? Even if it could, how much money do we have to burn? A company must have at least three years of operating history before it can be listed!

“I would have no doubt that this company will be listed after three years if Boss Pei were to persist, but Boss Pei is going to withdraw now. Do you think this project will be able to last three years then?

“How much more money will be burnt according to the current rate of burning? Which of you would have so much money to burn? Who could guarantee that you could find financiers?

“Have you thought about what would happen when the money’s gone?”

Everyone fell silent again.