Is it true? Alibaba

Is it true? Alibaba

I looked at Sis face to face and started talking about how pissed off I am today, vaguely.

“Um…how should I put it? I met a person who’s totally against me today.”

“Oh, really? What a coincidence. I was pissed, so I never told you, but I encountered a similar situation not long ago.”

“Right. It’s not every day that you get to hear my introverted sis be mad at others. Oh, but mine was really ridiculous. How should I say it? That person is fundamentally different than I am. But then, we shared something subtle in common, which really irritated me.”

“Wow, that’s really a coincidence. Me too, me too!”

Sis leaned towards me. I did the same thing as I’m getting energetic.

“If we are talking about which part of that person pissed the most of out me, that has to be the fact that I sometimes admire his way of thinking in some situations…”

“Yeah! That’s it! When you know that from the bottom of your heart that the person sucks, but sometimes he’s really an inspiring figure, that’s precisely why I am mad! I know that feeling!”

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I didn’t know that I can chat with my sister this much. When I finally stood up from the chair out of excitement, my bag that was hung on the back of it fell onto the floor suddenly. Everything inside spilled out because I forgot to zip the bag. The textbooks and notes are everywhere. Also, there’s something in the mixture…

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“Oh, crap!”

I immediately scrambled to clean everything up after realizing something, but it’s too late.

“Huh? What kind of game is this?”

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“Hey, don’t just grab it away, sis!”

Sis is only agile in times like this. She took “that” away.

She deftly escaped my grab and read the title out loud.