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He quickly searched for the keywords’ smart fitness drying rack’ on the internet and checked the netizens’ discussions.

“F*ck! I was just about to buy a drying rack to go home and work out, but it’s sold out?!”

“There aren’t many of such large items. It’s normal for them to be sold out.”

“That’s not normal at all, alright? Didn’t Boss Chang say at the news conference that he had prepared 10,000 units and that they would not be sold out?”

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“The drying rack became popular after the release of the ‘Fitness Battle’. Many streamers and UP Masters are broadcasting it. 10,000 units aren’t that many when compared to the population in the country.”

“I feel like something’s not right. There’s no limit to the purchase of this thing. It’s most likely being targeted by scalpers!”

Those netizens who did not manage to buy the smart fitness drying rack were speechless. They scolded the scalpers online.

Pei Qian’s first reaction was the same as the netizens. He felt like he had met a scalper!

After all, the smart fitness drying rack was different from G1 cell phones. G1 cell phones had a limited purchase policy in order to prevent scalpers. However, the smart fitness drying rack had no restrictions because Pei Qian had not expected it to sell much.

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However, on further thought, he felt that the possibility was low.

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Which scalper would scalp something like that?

The scalpers preferred to sell small items like concert tickets or cell phones. After all, these items were expensive and did not take up much space. The profits would be considerable.

The smart fitness drying rack was so huge, wouldn’t it take up space?

Where would the scalpers who bought hundreds of them place the items? Wouldn’t they have to rent a huge warehouse to be able to store them? They would also have to fork out a sum of money for the delivery fee.

Of course, the premise of this speculation was that the profits from the smart fitness drying rack were not high.

If the profits were very high, the scalpers would definitely be able to overcome the difficulties and stir-fry.

Pei Qian hated scalpers very much but he was secretly looking forward to the scalpers doing it.

That was because if it was not a scalper, it would mean that the smart fitness drying rack was too popular and sold out!